Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lyn Cote


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Honor lives in plantation country until the death of her grandfather. Quakers believed that slavery was wrong but met with plentiful resistance. Women had few rights or freedoms either, and Honor takes her faithful maid Royale to her cousin Miriam in Pittsburgh. Miriam's son is a glassblower by trade, but he has been deafened by fever and the family has developed hand signals to help communicate.

From there the family moves to Ohio on a new paddle steamer, where Samuel wants to set up a glass business. However Royale's light skin and fine looks make her the target of kidnappers who can sell her as a runaway slave despite her papers. There is copious action along with the Quaker meetings, the understated romance and rumors about the Underground Railroad. I had to admire the Quaker girl who both held to her peaceful ideals and lived through tough times.

This is an entertaining and informative read with strong characterization.

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